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Our brand Kreston A&CE represents auditing and consulting firms belonging among top ten accounting firms in the Czech Republic.

Kreston A&CE Group, now having seven subsidiaries, employs more than 70 specialists such as auditors, tax and corporate advisors, judicial experts and lawyers with excellent knowledge of law regulations and standards, and local practice. Convenient location of our offices in  Brno, Prague, Hradec Králové, Uničov and Trutnov allows us to stay close to our clients.

Kreston A&CE Consulting is among leading firms in the area of valuation (in majority of cases valuation means full range of services including the overall coordination) for the purpose of transformation processes (combination of companies), that is for mergers (integration, absorption), splits and changes to a firm's legal form. We focus all of our services on answering the needs of midsize and large companies.

Kreston A&CE Audit was established in 1991 and it represents historically one of the first subjects that obtained a license for providing auditing services.

Kreston A&CE Group is member of Kreston International. A global network of independent accounting firms.

Kreston International

It might be difficult and time consuming to find the right accounting firm when expanding your business to the new locations. Kreston International membership allows us to refer you to outstanding accounting firms all around the globe. Wherever a new business opportunity arises, Kreston members are there to offer you extensive professional services. The first-hand knowledge of local regulations and customs provided by Kreston member firms can give you an invaluable competitive advantage in the world market place.

Kreston International Limited is a global network of independent accounting firms. Founded in 1971 to offer reliable and convenient access to quality services through member firms located around the world. Kreston is continuously growing, and has member firms on all of the world's major continents. 
For more information about Kreston, please visit www.kreston.com or contact us.

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We have worked closely with Kreston for more than 10 years with regards to VAT in the Czech Republic. We are confident that we, and our clients, can rely on the services provided by their certified tax advisers. We really appreciate the responsive service they provide with good, effective, solutions to issues arising.

Rupert Moyle
Partner of Kreston Reeves

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